Is this course for you?

Job hunting can be a pain at the best of time. Add in a global pandemic and looming global recession to the mix and that pain can seem so unbearable that you may feel like there is no point in even trying.

Of course, the one way you can be 100% sure that you will not find a job is by not applying for one at all.

If you think about it, it is exactly when the odds are stacked against your chances of finding work - less opportunities and more people looking for them - that you have to try harder and be smarter in your approach.

This course is for you if:

  • You are currently looking for or planning to start looking for a new job
  • You are feeling anxious about the prospects of finding a new role
  • You are feeling so overwhelmed by life's pressures that you struggle to bring yourself to find opportunities

In this course you will

  • Discover the five areas of job hunting that you can control
  • Get practical tips and suggestions for maximising the effort that you put in these areas
  • Receive an editable job hunting workbook to help you manage the job search process

"We need to recognise and let go of all the things we cannot control

to find energy to deal with the things that we can control!"

Nerice Gietel, Certified Executive Coach

Course Curriculum


Lena Wong, HK Momtrepreneurs

'Nerice delivered this webinar as part of our series of Embracing Motherhood events. With her down-to-earth approach she prepared us to find a job in midst of a global meltdown. We love having Nerice as a close partner who provides professional coaching to our members.'

Rena Shukla Ahuja, Getdigireach

'I attended Nerice's session on preparing for job hunt during Pandemic. She offered super practical tips. Especially, on how women can steer interview towards accomplishments.'

Jose Manuel, MBA candiate at the University of Hong Kong

'This course encourages us to focus our attention on a smaller set of opportunities while improving our chances of success in each of them. I would highly recommend it to someone who needs directions whilst job hunting in these difficult times.'



I am Nerice Gietel,

Certified Executive Coach with an MSc. in Learning and Development.

I am also a serial career changer. In my quest to find the right career path, I took various qualifications until I found coaching. This helped me to connect the dots. I am passionate about supporting my clients who find themselves at crossroads in their careers or who are just feeling stuck.

Through my courses, I can help you to raise your self-awareness and I provide practical advice and guidance that can help you to better navigate your career.